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At Detroit Security Guards, we bear the protection of our clients seriously. We have the dedication provide quality service comprising a comprehensive channel of centralized system that perfectly integrate any customers' needs with our existing safety policies in the city of Melvindale, MI.

Our main guard services include retail and loss security, bike and static security guards, alarm response, canine services for bomb detection and close protection. For a short time, the company has continued to provide high quality professional security services to our clients, breaching the present negative image of the armed forces sector. Our guards deployed all over the Melvindale, MI area for the entire day providing protection and reporting information to our clients.

The center of our business is the control system that keeps monitors and records all our staff 24 hours a day. This centralized digital system documents all officers starting work and checks their performance the entire shift. Moreover, every front-line guard is visited by a supervisor regularly to check that they are doing their job correctly, assisting and offering service and advice whenever necessary.

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