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Seeing our customers secured is a great achievement to us. We provide the best protection service in the city of River Rouge, MI. Detroit Security Guards is registered as a small business entity by the Small Business Association. Our officers are highly trained to accommodate any client requirements by reconciliation of highly skilled combination of staff, experience and other resources that can surpass client's objectives.

We process legal documents such as

. Subpoenas

. Summons and complaint

. Buildings with Alarm systems

. Petition for annulment of marriage

. Citation to the property

. Landlords Discern 5 days notice

We utilize known security methods by providing strategic deliberation and execution of our solid past of guard services, supervisory support and management into an applied, effective and efficient solution. Our directorial structure supplies for the oversight we consider is necessary to productively manage and sustain a highly certified and capable guard force.

We are always ready to provide full coverage for any safety issue or situation your establishment may encounter. Competitive pricing, professional security staff, seasoned supervisory and a management that is second to none.

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